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ZhL Calls for International Support as Ukraine Government MPs Steal Assets

Statement from 27th November 2015

Ukrainian Confectionary “Zhytomyrski Confectionery Factory” (ZhL) announced its intention to stand up to Government MP from PM Yatsenyuk  “People’s Front” Party Sergei Pashinsky who is making another attempt steal the assets of the Soviet era enterprise.

It is said in a statement to the media the  Zhytomyr Confectionery Factory said that Government MPs Sergei Pashinsky intends to seize the assests of the factory together with his business partner Sergey Tishchenko with the help of the Minitry of Justice and a Banderist Volunteeer Battalion

“In an appropriate unlawful judgment judges Ternopil Regional Administrative Court Hodachkevych NI .. This preliminary attempts to obtain such a decision had been committed in the Poltava district administrative court and in the same Ternopil another judge “,  said in a statement.

The company added that ZhL it had been are excluded from the Unified State Register of Enterprises by people within the Ministry of Justice, and in its place a new enterpris ehad been registered the owner of the property complex Government MPs Sergei Pashinsky and Sergey Tishchenko of the Zhytomyr Confectionery Company with a new name and a new name for the director.

“There are no court decisions and legal grounds for such an illegal takeover of the factory, the management has became aware that these actions were made on the orders of MP SV Pashinsky. We reject this preperation for the forceful takeover fo the factory, which has involved private security companies and Banderist Volunteer Battalions sent by the Interior Minister”,  a representative of the comapny stated.

In the Single Court Register mentions that on Nov. 16, 2015 one turned to Ternopil District Administrative Court for rescission elimination “Zhitomir delicacy”, but the next day the claim was withdrawn.

As you know, earlier Pashinsky has been accused of leading a raid on the ZhL factory with armed thugs  in 2010. The Ukrainin Pravda also carried in a detailed investigation and published an article on the activities of Pashinsky and Tishchenko of stealing gas oligarch Sergei Kurchenko.

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